The Dashboard

This is your main page where you can see all notifications, alerts, and new trip requests. Accessible on all your devices. You can respond to a Brokers charter request in seconds.

Manage Your Fleet

It’s fast and simple to amend your existing fleet or add a new aircraft. You can also edit our standard industry charter hourly rates to your own pricing by expanding on “customize pricing”. To add images and details on your aircraft just click on “Edit your aircraft details” and upload any images you wish, if you do not wish to upload images JDM will use stock images for the listed type.


Trip Requests

This is where all trip request will be listed plus all previous. Clicking on the Quote button expands it, allowing you to price the requested aircraft, decline it or offer another from your fleet. The estimated price listed is based upon industry standards including your positioning costs from homebase. You can click to see how the algorithm is calculated.

Step 1. Receive Trip request notification.
Step 2. Quote or decline.
Step 3. Offer alternative aircraft from your fleet.

Sign up to JDM Systems

JDM systems offer all licensed operators the opportunity to list and amend your fleet details for FREE. We only permit our registered Brokers and Licensed Travel specialists access to the booking facilities on JDM, so your data is safe and secure. The JDM team spend many hours updating data on new aircraft from your fleet or changes in listed home base. However, we cannot guarantee to always provide accurate data therefore we need your help to update your fleet and as this service is free of charge you can only gain by way of receiving qualified charter requests. JDM do not permit the end client / traveler to submit their charter requests direct to the operator so as to avoid time wasting as we are aware your time is valuable.

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